Newsletter March 2023



Roffelsen 3D wants to make the difference with quality. From the first customer contact, via the extrusion process, to product delivery, we set high standards. And the production, products and services must meet them. Quality is our priority!


Roffelsen 3D continuously scans movements in the market. This enables us to respond quickly to changes in the market (Time to Market). Optimal flexibility is achieved by making use of in-house production, inventory management, logistics capabilities and short delivery times.


Roffelsen 3D is a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative plastic products. Reliability of the products and services is essential for this family business. Working together with product development plays an important role.

Quality as priority

For Roffelsen 3D, quality is one of the core values. Quality of the products and production, as well as the services. The production lines are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring instruments that continuously monitor quality. ISO9001 certification of our factory in Slovakia helps to ensure the high quality standard.