PET Filament red

The Roffelsen 3D PET filament is developed for beginner to intermediate users of 3D printing. PET stands for Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate and is an amorphous material made from premium PET – it is the next best alternative to PLA if you aim to get a bit more out of your 3D printed part.

Like our PLA, PET is an easy-to-print material for odourless printing which also brings the benefits of a higher temperature resistance. You can take advantage of the larger processing window (temperature and speed) while printing at similar temperatures like PLA.

Apart from more functional and mechanical 3D printed parts, PET can also be recommended for visual or decorative prints due to its nice glossy finish and very good surface quality. With the very good colour coverage and batch-to-batch colour consistency, you will be able to print nice aesthetic parts with high resolution.

 In a nutshell:

  • Easy to print
  • Odourless
  • Very good colour coverage
  • Batch-to-batch colour consistency
  • Glossy finish

 Our PET is available in the following colours:

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3D printing profiles

Printing conditions

Printing speed: 60 ± 20 mm/s

Extrusion temperature: 210 ± 20°C


Proper material storage is key to good print results. An improperly stored material may degrade.

To keep your filaments in optimal condition store them:

  • in a sealed bag with silica gel
  • out of direct sunlight
  • in a dry (low humidity) and cool location; optimal storage temperature is below +30 °C.

Incorrectly stored materials collect dust and absorb moisture. This may lead to extrusion problems and loss of print quality. In addition, moisture absorption can cause popping sounds while printing.