PETG-GF 3D printing granules

Roffelsen’s PETG-GF 3D printing granules are for adding superior strength and toughness to your printed part.

PETG is a copolymer of the synthetic polymer Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). By adding short glass fibers, which are designed to have a good connection to the PETG polymer backbone, the mechanical properties of the PETG are increased enormously.

Benefits of Roffelsen 3D PETG-GF granules are:

  • Superior strength and toughness (impact strength) compared to PLA, ABS and non-filled PETG:
    • Flexural modulus more than 3 tomes higher than non-filled PETG
    • Tensile strength more than 2x higher than non-filled PETG
    • Impact strength more than 10% higher than non-filled PETG
    • Superior stiffness
  • Good printable and very low odor emission during printing
  • Amorphous: Low and near isotropic shrinkage
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Superior chemical resistance to diluted aqueous solutions of mineral acids, bases, salts, and soaps, and to aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, and a variety of oils.

Recommended Print Conditions:

  • Extruder nozzle temperature:  Ideally 220 to 230°C
  • Print Bed: The bed is ideally kept between 60°C to 80°C
  • Nozzle: Please note that the glass fiber reinforced granules are abrasive and can wear out a brass or aluminum nozzle. Therefore we recommend to use hardened steel nozzles.