PET-G Filament orange

The Roffelsen 3D PET-G filament is developed for beginner to intermediate users of 3D printing. Our PET-G is an extruded amorphous co-polyester Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PET-G) for easy processing and high toughness. This high-definition odourless filament conforms to tight diameter and ovality tolerances and enables print details with precision, good surface, and high resolution. It exhibits excellent colour coverage and batch-to-batch colour consistency. PET-G is naturally UV resistant.

This is a more advanced alternative to PLA if you aim to get a bit more out of your 3D printed parts, especially heat resistance and the inherent UV stability which also makes it suitable for exterior use.

In comparison to PLA, PET-G tends to string more. This undesired effect depends on many variables, including the shape and design of your print. Check out our printing recommendations in the data sheet to minimize this effect directly on the printer.

The diameter of our filament is measured with triple axis diameter gauges for the most precise measurement readings. This leaves less room for error and reduces the possibility of ovality deviation in comparison to both, single- and double-axis gauges. The chance of an undetectable filament over-extrusion is reduced three-fold compared to a double-axis gauge.

In a nutshell:

Easy to print


Very good colour coverage

Batch-to-batch colour consistency

Inherently UV resistant

Higher thermal resistance than PLA

Printing conditions

Processing Method: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Drying: Dry at up to 60°C for up to 8 hours before printing. Use a dry-box / controlled environment during printing (e.g. relative humidity 20% or lower). Store in a sealed bag. Pre-drying of the filament reduces stringing.

Dry box: Recommended.

Adhesion: Use glue for glass bed and cool down for better part removal from. Nozzle Temperature (°C): 245 ± 15. Use nozzle temperature 230 °C for less stringing. Speed (mm/s): up to 180

Bed temperature (°C): 85 ± 10

Bed type: satin coated sheet, glass.

Retraction speed (mm/s): 45

Retraction length (mm): direct drive 1,2-1,4; Bowden drive (12-16)

Active cooling (%): 30 – 70g sounds while printing.