Are your product performance criteria hard to meet by the existing materials currently available on the market?

The Roffelsen 3D R&D team can develop 3D materials for you!

Roffelsen 3D R&D team

We build on our 40 years of experience in production of profiles, clothes lines and co-extruded cables and now bring our enthusiasm for extrusion to 3D.


Our production is certified by the quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015.


We work diligently to develop high quality filament from premium raw materials, measur in 3 axes for precise tolerances and inspect our RAL-matched colours with a spectrophotometer for batch-to-bacth consistency.


We are currently working on extension of our filament portfolio. This will include more PLA colours and new polymers, like PET-G, PET-G reinforced with carbon fibres, ABS, ASA, PA6 reinforced with carbon fibres and a bio-degradable / home-compostable filament.


Polymer solutions

Roffelsen 3D can develop and produce 3D printing raw materials of all commodity polymers with melting temperatures up to 300 degr. C.


Added Value Properties

Roffelsen 3D has knowledge and experience with a huge range of functionalities to provide added value properties to your 3D printing raw materials.