Are your product performance criteria hard to meet by the existing materials currently available on the market? 

The Roffelsen 3D R&D team can develop 3D materials to exceed your highest expectations!

Roffelsen 3D R&D team

The Roffelsen 3D R&D team can develop 3D materials that exceed your highest expectations!

The Roffelsen 3D Lab is the center of excellence in developing 3D raw material formulations. We offer you our know-how to co-design filaments providing innovative properties that match your requirements.

Roffelsen 3D has partnered with The Materials Factory to develop innovative 3D printing materials. Roffelsen 3D’s R&D is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Eindhoven is part of the Brainport region, wich is one of the world’s most innovative business hubs. A team of 3D materials formulation experts is at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Combining innovation with performance

Roffelsen 3D will provide you with R&D project support to develop and produce tailor made 3D materials that fully meet your specifications.

The hi-tech qualities of our production facilities and the recognized expertise of our R&D. experts enable us to develop innovative filaments and other 3D printing raw materials with the highest added value. Our R&D facilities enable us to quantify a huge amount of relevant material properties at various environmental circumstances of conditions (e.g. creep properties between -40 degr. C and 90 degr. C, fire retardancy properties, heat stability, etc.).


R&D Facilities

R&D of Roffelsen 3D has the availability of in-house pilot and lab-equipment

  • Twin screw extruder
  • Single screw extruder
  • Pilot 3D filament line
  • Injection moulding machine
  • 3D printer
  • TGA-DTA, DSC, DMA, UL94, LOI, FTIR, Tensile, MFI, contact angle, and many more…

Polymer solutions

Roffelsen 3D can develop and produce 3D printing raw materials of all commodity polymers with melting temperatures up to 300 degr. C.


Added Value Properties

Roffelsen 3D has knowledge and experience with a huge range of functionalities to provide added value properties to your 3D printing raw materials.